We believe that our clients should be able to access the quality transportation services and book them easily online. is a website dedicated to provide the best transfer services across the Baja. Depending on your needs, you can find private transfer, shared shuttle and VIP transfer services, so you can travel easily, securely and comfortably.

Our on-line service offers you the opportunity to reserve a Private Transfer / Shared Shuttle or VIP  from the SJD International Airport directly to your accommodation: Hotel, Villa or Apartment. Round trip or One way.

Private Transfer

The private transfer includes being met at the San Jose Del Cabo International with your personalized sign by your private chauffeur. The private transfer is only for you and your guests and will not be shared with other travelers.

Shared Shuttle Transfer

The shuttle transfer includes being met at the San Jose Del Cabos International with your personalized sign, and transfer to your holiday accommodation in Los Cabos or any where in the Baja Sur Peninsular, the shuttle transfer will be shared with other travelers. We don’t have central drop off points and we will take you directly to your accommodation.

VIP Transfers

The VIP Transfer includes being met at the San Jose Del Cabo International or the Los Cabos Private airports with waters and refreshments of your choice  wet towel, personalized sign and transferred directly to your holiday accommodation including Vacation Homes, Condos, Villas or Resorts. The transfers are made by Luxury Vehicles. The VIP transfer is only for you and your guests and will not be shared with other travelers.

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