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Todos Santos Tours

Todos Santos the oasis in the desert one hour away from the fast Cabo lifestyle, its tranquility and relax atmosphere is awaiting. We drive, while you enjoy the one-hour scenic drive along the Pacific shore, this is 8-hour private tour, stopping at Cerritos beach. To get a quote or reserve please contact us by clicking here 

You and your party will be able to stop when you desire to stop suggested by your tour guide ,take your everlasting photos, visit with fisherman taste the fresh sea food and drink your favorite Mexican drinks.

December – March; Private Tours

Every year between late December and mid-March thousands of gray whales make their annual migration through the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Baja California. It is a spectacular event when they pass immediately in front of Todos Santos. The whales migrate 5,000 miles from the cold waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea to the warm water of the Baja Peninsula. This is the longest known mammal migration in the world. For years, these great animals had been hunted nearly to extinction and have just barely survived as a species. Due to some recovery, during these months it is possible to see these magnificent creatures and experience one of the world’s most memorable wildlife adventures. In Todos Santos it is common to see them ‘breach’ (perform an acrobatic jump) or just ‘spy-hop’ (come straight out of the water like a periscope of a submarine) a short distance from the shore. You can book a boat tour in Cabo for a high sea close up experiences or simply enjoy them from the comfort of the Todos Santos beaches with a beer in your hand as you take a walk along the ocean. I find it most enjoyable at sunrise and sunset.