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Cabo San Lucas location is a perfect fit for the safest vacation, located at the tip end of California with only one road in and one road out makes a safe haven for tourist. In 2012 the G-20 summit was held in Los Cabos, the committee pick Los Cabos because of its geographical location, one of the committee delegates went on to say it was a natural bunker. But just like any other tourist destination it is always best to be safe than sorry.98.8 % of Baja travelers never encounter any type of criminal activities, but as mentioned there is always the possibility you may be targeted for theft. In order to ensure this does not happen to you. I have listed a couple of tips below that will help you and your family have the most enjoyable vacation ever. Prior to planning your vacation destination we encourage reviewing travelers advisory or The US State Department‘s Web site has much information.

Tips on packing your travel bags, always think twice while you’re packing, do I really need to have my valuables. If it is not vital to your vacation they would be safer at home, plus your bags would be lighter and more room for the essential vacation needs.

Always think if I was too lose my passport how would I get back home, here is a very important must do prior to arriving in Mexico and leaving your country of origin. Scan a copy of your passport and other valuable documents up load them into your home computer than email them to yourself. This would facilitate the process of reentry to your country of origin if you were to loose or have your passport stolen.

It is always best to contact your bank and notify them that you will be traveling to Mexico and that you will be utilizing your credit cards, make sure you note their direct phone numbers, 1800 numbers from Mexico to the USA do not work in Mexico.

Always notify your friend’s family members of your travel vacation arrangements, date time you will be arriving and the name of your hotel, villa or vacation condo if you can provide the phone number of your resort make sure they also have this information. For more insights or tips, please feel free to contact us at: 1-877-985-0022