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Why Cabo San Lucas 

Cabo San Lucas first beckoned to Hollywood’s elite in the 1970s as a luxurious reprieve from the “dregs” of show business. The town’s rather seedy reputation changed as world-class resorts took up residence here, in the neighboring village of San José del Cabo, and along the 18-mile stretch of highway that connects the two (known as “the Corridor”). The construction of an international airport in the 1980s made it easier for travelers from all over to hop a nonstop flight to the “Los Cabos” area.

Forty years later, this destination on the southernmost tip of Baja California is still known for its decadence – just take a look at the sprawling golf courses or deluxe villas. But the elitist pretense has dwindled: Days in the spa are just as coveted as evenings at a beachside watering hole. And there’s a good chance that you’ll see celebutantes and college freshmen sunning themselves side by side on the same stretch of sand.

Cabo San Lucas location is a perfect fit for the safest vacation, located at the tip end of California with only one road in and one road out makes a haven for tourist. In 2012 the G-20 summit was held in Los Cabos, the committee pick Los Cabos because of its geographical location, one of the committee delegates went on to say it was a natural bunker. But just like any other tourist destination it is always best to be safe than sorry.98.8 % of Baja travelers never encounter any type of criminal activities, but as mentioned there is always the possibility you may be targeted for theft. To ensure this does not happen to you. I have listed a couple of tips below that will help you and your family have the most enjoyable vacation ever. Prior to planning your vacation destination, we encourage reviewing travelers advisory or The US State Department‘s Web site has much information.

Tips on packing your travel bags, always think twice while you are packing, do I really need to have my valuables. If it is not vital to your vacation, they would be safer at home, plus your bags would be lighter and more room for the essential vacation needs.

Always think if I were to lose my passport how would I get back home, here is a very important must do prior to arriving in Mexico and leaving your country of origin. Scan a copy of your passport and other valuable documents upload them into your home computer than email them to yourself. This would facilitate the process of reentry to your country of origin if you were to lose or have your passport stolen.

It is always best to contact your bank and notify them that you will be traveling to Mexico and that you will be utilizing your credit cards, make sure you note their direct phone numbers, 1800 numbers from Mexico to the USA do not work in Mexico.

Always notify your friend’s family members of your travel vacation arrangements, date time you will be arriving and the name of your hotel, villa, or vacation condo if you can provide the phone number of your resort make sure they also have this information. For more insights or tips, please feel free to contact us at: 1-877-985-0022

The Palmillia Golf Club located in San Jose Del Cabo, has become the most prestige’s gold course in all of Baja with its 27-hole course, you will be in the three elements, sand, mountain, and ocean all in one, you will enjoy the most amazing views of the Sea of Cortez and golf challenge, design and signature by Jack Nicklaus.

Los Cabos International

Los Cabos International Airport has become one of the busiest airports in Mexico and the most important International airport in Baja California Sur, with over 287 thousand reported arrivals just in the month of April 2019.

In 2018 the airport reported 6.3 million passengers.

In the recent years, the high demand of expanding the airport due to the 18% increase since 2017 the government of Baja Sur working directly with the SJD airport officials have now started construction of terminal 3 & 4 and is scheduled for completion in 2023.

The SJD International is divided in two currently operated terminals. Terminal 1 handles all arriving National flights, and Terminal 2 international flights, United Airlines and Air Canada.

In October of 2018, these two last remaining international airlines will be landing in Terminal 2.

All other international flights such as Alaska Airline, American, US Airways, Air Tran, are currently running direct flights from Dallas Texas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Francisco, and parts of Canada and all arrive in Terminal 2.

Spring Breakers Paradise

With its white sandy beaches among the most astonishing Land Ends rock formations, located right next to The World-Famous Cabo San Lucas Arch. Provides the perfect backdrop to parasailing or enjoying a great day of partying with your friends on Lovers Beach, or turn the corner to a romantic much secluded divorce beach located on the Pacific side, no matter what side you choose the Pacific or the Sea of Cortez you will not be far from the party. You are right smack in the middle where both seas meet.

Once the beach party is over. You can dance the night away in the world-famous bars of Cabo Wabo Cantina, Squid Roe and many other Spring Breakers hang outs. There will not be a moment of rest for spring breakers as soon as they touch ground the party begins. those of you returning for your spring break, please advise your guest that have never been to a City Party !! to be ready to party.

Medano beach were spring breakers gone wild has been filmed and produced many times, for you single bachelors be ready, if you have never experienced Medano you are in for the most enjoyably day and night a young guy or gal can ever dream of. I am sure you have seen Spring Breakers Gone Wild on TV that is nothing compared to be actual Hands-On experience.

Make Spring Break 2023 your best one yet in Cabo San Lucas!

This coming year we are expecting more arrivals than last year 2019 Spring Break was just that a record spring breaking arrivals at the SJD International airport, according to airport and Baja California government  records there were 189, thousand spring breaker arrivals, Hotels Resorts, Villas, Condos, and Private Homes were over whelmed, and so was the transportation companies many of our competitors were calling  for assistants and of course we accommodated there request without having our clients waiting., as stated we are expecting double the amount of arrivals Cabo Shuttle Services can help assists you with not just your transportation, but also with any other Night Life, men clubs, ladies clubs, water sports, ATV, jetskies that are so hard to come by during spring break week, Private Yachts for those looking for privacy and any other activity as mentioned we can accommodate all of your request.

We highly recommend booking your transportation and of course your accommodations as early as possible do not get stuck at the airport waiting for hours for a ride, without a hotel room reserve  be your go to for all of you needs you relax let us stress.

Please feel free to contact us to book your transportation, hotel, and your activities as soon as possible. You may reach us directly at ask for a special rate or look for our online customer rep agent or call toll free 1-877-985-0022.

Why choose Los Cabos Sport Fishing with world breaking recorded catches

Los Cabos has the best fishing all year-round month in month out Wahoo, Roosterfish, Striped Marlin Dorado and Tuna are biting. Sport fishing Big Game tournaments have become a worldwide attraction to Los Cabos. World famous fishing places such as Gordo banks and Jamie banks are just a quick boat ride away, in these fishing waters there have been world record breaking catches.

Los Cabos has 2 state of the art marinas, The Newly opened Puerto Los Cabos Marina, and the Cabo San Lucas Marina to choose from.

The Baja Sur Peninsular is known as The Marlin capital of the world, every year starting in July thru October there is the Bisbee Marlin tournaments. Anglers from all over the world start their journey to Los Cabos to fulfill their dream of catching the biggest Marlin and winning the cash prize. One prized mounted up to 4.1 million USD the largest payout in sport fishing history.

Los Cabos is the hosts to 3 major tournaments the East Cape Offshore, The Los Cabos Offshore and the Black & Blue tournament, these tournaments were started in 1981 and basically has become one of the biggest events drawing record number of anglers with record number of cash prizes for the biggest catch.

There are also tournaments for Tuna, Dorado that also have big cash prizes for the lucky crew that catches the biggest. There are many fishing charters that you can book on line, but if you are planning to be part of these outstanding dates please feel free to contact us at  as soon as possible we can help you with booking the perfect fishing charter,the best hotel accommodations and of course your transportation to your Hotel, Villa or Condo, from the San Jose del Cabo International Airport .

Whether arriving or departing you will find duty free stores, souvenirs shops, cigars shops, book stores, and our world famous tequila shops. You will also be able to rest in our state of the art VIP lounge while waiting for you connecting flight or your return home.

Since all arriving international tourist arrive in Terminal 2, of course.

Timeshare Reps operating inside the terminal will try anything to get you into a Timeshare presentation, Cabo Shuttle Services recommends, after clearing Mexican customs and getting your luggage come directly outside the terminal do not stop and talk to anyone inside the terminal if they are not wearing a guards uniform or a Mexican customs uniform.

Our private and shared shuttle drivers are outside the terminal holding your Cabo Shuttle Services sign to greet you and escort you and your guest to your private vehicle or shuttle van.

Palmillia Golf Club house features a state of the art Mexican design on site golf shop, with golf pros on site with kind hospitality you will not want miss the opportunity of golfing on this amazing course, only a 35 minute ride from the San Jose International Airport.

Golf Tournaments Palmilla golf club has the availability to host tournaments 7 days a week starting with 8 players up to 200 players, Plamilla offers tee time and or shotgun starts, they also offer helpful  outings prior to the event, the staff wants everyone to be successful and have and enjoyable experience .

If you are wondering about your accommodation you will not have to travel very far Palmilla Golf Club is located 5 minute by golf cart from the One & Only Palmilla Resort.

Cabo Shuttle Services can get you there none stop.